Meet Anna Keyter

Founder of RePrac | Research in Practice

Early Experience

Anna’s career started after obtaining an Operations Diploma at the University of Johannesburg. Early on, she worked at Transvaal Clothing in an operations role where she conducted in-line quality checking, manpower calculations and informed on targets for critical operations. With an entrepreneurial spirit, Anna started a number of successful businesses including service consultancies and technology companies. 

NGO Research Experience

Anna continued working as a consultant but decided to have a direction change.  In due time, Anna attained a BPsych degree in Psychology and completed counselling internships at Nazareth House and Childline Gauteng.  She concurrently ran her practice as a trauma counsellor whilst working as a counsellor at Childline Gauteng.  

Within a year, Anna was promoted to Head of Department.  She went on to conduct wellness research on Mental Health Workers who continuously dealt with secondary trauma, to find out how they coped.  The outcome would inform organisational policy and guide psycho-education programmes. 

During this time, Anna made her contribution to the organisation as a research consultant.  She managed various end-to-end research projects, including (but not limited to) the following:

•  Reporting on Anti-bullying campaigns and exam stress for the Department of Education.
•  Fieldwork research in collaboration with University Research South Africa and the Department of Social Development to set up a children’s services directory
•  Call centre wellness program where Childline provided services for the Praekelt Foundation
•  Quantitative tracer research on service delivery turn-around times, with the view to ramping up the speed of response for services to children
•  Continuous Development and Employee Engagement with teams who consistently performed well under difficult conditions
•  Monitoring and Evaluating her programmes


Being the entrepreneur she is, Anna founded RePrac in South Africa. She felt that through Corporate Social Investment she could contribute to the upliftment of poor communities. 

RePrac completed a number of projects (not all listed here).  However, Anna was the stakeholder engagement project lead for contracts including BHP Billiton South Africa nationally - Coal, Aluminium, Metalloys and Manganese and research reports for MIH Group including Multi-Choice, M-Net and Supersport through Next Generation Consultants.

Anna decided to expand her horizons in 2015 when she moved to New Zealand. She joined Prendos NZ Limited as Business Consultant in 2015.

Where to from here?

Anna’s passion for assisting firms and co-creating enabling environments for businesses to grow, motivated her branch out to New Zealand.
She has joined the Research Association of New Zealand and is now a member of the Executive Committee. 


• Post Graduate Certificates in Employee Assistance Programmes
•  Operations Diploma
•  Bpsych, Master Certificates in Gestalt Psychotherapy
•  Masters Degree in Research Psychology.

In South Africa, Anna registered as Research Psychologist.  Currently, she has memberships with the Research Association of New Zealand (RANZ) and the New Zealand Association of Positive Psychology (NZAPP). Anna would like to persue a PHD in Positive Psychology.