Meet Anna Keyter

Founder of RePrac | Research in Practice


Anna’s career started after obtaining an Operations Diploma at the University of Johannesburg. Early on, she worked at various organisations in the clothing industry in operations and quality control roles where she conducted in-line quality checking, manpower calculations and informed on targets for critical operations. With an entrepreneurial spirit, Anna started a number of businesses including service consultancies and technology companies.

International experience includes being the team lead for corporate social investment stakeholder engagements and establishing the Quality Management department. Currently, Anna is leading both New Zealand and South African operations.

Leading the team

Anna is leading the team of operations consultants and developmental studies specialists.  She is also in charge of the wellness brand through


• Post Graduate Certificates in Employee Assistance Programmes
•  Operations Diploma
•  Bpsych, Master Certificates in Gestalt Psychotherapy
•  Masters Degree in Research Psychology.

In South Africa, Anna registered as Research Psychologist.  Currently, she has memberships with the Research Association of New Zealand (RANZ) and the New Zealand Association of Positive Psychology (NZAPP). Anna would like to persue a PHD in Positive Psychology.