Meet Anna Keyter, founder of RePrac | Research in Practice

Tika Kolumban: This article is based on a conversation I had with Anna Keyter, Managing Director of RePrac during March 2017.

Anna has a positive outlook on life; her trademark question is ‘How difficult can it be?’

Looking back at Anna’s life, her work journey started after she completed an Operations Diploma at the University of Johannesburg. Despite being a single mum, she managed to complete her qualifications and raise her son.

Early on in her career, she worked in the Clothing Industry in Quality Control and Operations roles to inform on process improvement in CMT (Cut, Make & Trim) factories. In these roles, she conducted in-line quality checking, manpower calculations and informed on targets for critical operations. In due time, Anna owned a number of businesses including a technology concern, and as a consultant, provided services in project finance.

Finding Meaning

However, after a tragic life event, Anna decided to pursue a career in Psychology. She completed a BPsych degree, and after internships at Nazareth House and Childline Gauteng, she became a trauma counsellor.  Here, Anna provided psychological counselling to individual clients (survivors of trauma and abuse), groups and schools with learning disabilities.

Shortly after accepting a counsellor position at Childline Gauteng, Anna was promoted to Head of Department where she worked closely with social workers and psychological counsellors. Since she understood the effect of secondary trauma on Mental Health Workers, she was able to provide psychological supervision.

Investing in Communities

At this point, Anna moved away from the NGO sector and founded RePrac in South Africa. It was really important for Anna to make a difference, not only in the lives of individuals but also to poor communities. She decided to explore Corporate Social Investment opportunities and recommended investing in projects that could considerably uplift rural African communities.

Those who benefited most from Corporate Social Investment generally came from communities in rural areas. This was an opportunity for Anna to hear what economically disadvantaged communities needed and to present that information to Corporate Organisations.

As a RePrac consultant contracted to Next Generation Consultants, she successfully completed stakeholder engagements nationally for BHP Billiton South Africa, including Coal, Aluminium, Metalloys and Manganese. She also completed research reports for MIH Group including Multi-Choice, M-Net and Supersport. These companies based their decisions for Corporate Social Investment on the outcomes of these engagements.

Exploring Horizons

In 2014, Anna expanded the business and in 2015 added operations, procurement and quality management to the bouquet of services. To expand her horizons, Anna moved to New Zealand in 2015. Anna joined Prendos NZ Limited as a RePrac Business Consultant.

Anna’s passion for assisting firms, specifically in terms of providing data insights and addressing culture change, led her to open a division of RePrac in New Zealand. During 2016 Anna collaborated with RePrac South Africa and branched out to Auckland. It is important for Anna to provide the right tools for businesses that would lead to business growth. She is excited to contribute to the New Zealand economy and to guide organisations to engage with all stakeholders, whether internal or external.

Causes in New Zealand

As we can see from the above, Anna always seeks out good causes. For about 10 months, Anna volunteered as a St John Youth Leader, Auckland Division. She currently offering positive change workshops at the Auckland Women’s Centre.


Finally, with an impressive list of qualifications, Anna has completed Post Graduate Certificates in Employee Assistance Programmes, Operations Diploma, Bpsych, Master Certificates in Gestalt Psychotherapy and a Masters Degree in Research Psychology. These qualifications led her to registration as Research Psychologist in South Africa and currently, memberships with the Research Association of New Zealand (RANZ) and the New Zealand Association of Positive Psychology (NZAPP). Anna is hoping to complete a PHD in Positive Psychology.