Resource Practitioners (RePrac)

Human Resource Solutions

We are human resource specialists and can provide the talent that you need for your business
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We work with organisations to streamline their human resource requirements.

We offer mainly three services: staffing solutions, procurement and quality.

Hence, we can assist your organisation to find optimal staffing solutions (specialising in medical and mental health talent) while assisting you with procurement and implementing quality.

  • Human Resources

    We can assist with staffing solutions

  • Quality

    We help with quality implementation

  • Procurement

    Need assistance with procurement? We can help

  • Best Service

    We're there when you need us

We can assist in staffing solutions.

About our services

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Need assistance with procurement. We have international experience, assisted large and small companies.


Do you want to improve your productivity and enhance employee retention? Then contact us today.


We can assist with M&E tools to guide Standard Operating Procedures in drafting your M&E plan.


Do you need staff development? We can provide guidance from task execution to completion.


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