At RePrac we provide intelligent solutions to ensure procurement savings
therefore becoming more competitive by improving efficiency and reliability of the supply chain function. 


Developing procurement processes and procedures to enable you to facilitate clarification/discussion meetings with suppliers.

Drafting strategic procurement documents and selection of a procurement team.

Evaluations of tenders and negotiations with suppliers as required by the tender process set out by the Procurement policy, following best practice.

Assisting our clients to determine traceability of commodities to ensure a history and track record of goods purchased.

Defining re-order levels and specifying economic order quantities to ensure reduction of waste and optimisation of procurement spend.

Global supplier relationship management in accordance to relevant procedure and international standards to finding existing high-performing suppliers.

Assistance with procurement tenders in State owned enterprises.  Vendor management improvement initiatives and control of vendor selection and evaluation.


Optimisation of your finance department is critical. Cash flow is one of the main reasons why many organisations do not succeed.

Management of finance departments including Forex, money market, management accounts and management of budgets by producing and analysing reports for improvement in areas of administration and profitability.

We will do a GAP analysis, mapping processes and the flow to identify shortfalls within organisational activities.



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