We are a vibrant and diverse team of professionals who are passionate about our work and the impact it has on others.

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Our assistance is two-fold.   The RePrac consultants have a background in psychology and operations.  

From a psychology perspective, we investigate workplace and group behaviour to determine how people think, feel and behave as well as the impact it has on an organisation's performance.  

As operations specialists, we identify concepts and tools that can help you consistently achieve or exceed customer/client expectations.  Our operations consultants can do an assessment of milestones and provide guidance in terms of measurable outcomes so that your organisation can achieve positive results.  

This means productivity is optimised and employees know what is expected of them, which contributes to a happy and productive workforce.




Our team members belong to their own respective professional bodies. Therefore, they can be trusted to use methodologically and ethically sound procedures to ensure rigour and accuracy appropriate to each assignment.

Furthermore, when we provide insights or conduct research, our methods are precise from the question, design, collection, data capturing, to analysis.

Above all, we provide relevant and innovative ideas best suited for your needs and we include you in every step.

We present an unbiased analysis of results using evidence-based findings according to international best practice.


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We started RePrac because we wanted to provide businesses with the right tools to grow.  Our team of psychology and operations professionals have the experience to help you improve the performance of your organisation.

We care about clients - Our consultants take the time to get to know you and your business to offer tailored research and operations expertise according to your requirements.

Research Innovation -  A well-rounded team follow strategic integrated approaches and vibrant, innovative, techniques suitable to your unique needs.

Our Team - You can benefit from our well-rounded subject matter experts, registered with their respective professional bodies to assist you. Our team’s experience extends to Government, Public and Private sectors. We work with small, medium and large businesses.


Improvement is a continuous process. RePrac provides ongoing support to improve your services or processes.

We work alongside you to align training content with your core objectives, culture and company strategy. In our consultation with your organisation, we ascertain training needs and discuss desired outcomes, current skill sets and presentation style.

We follow various models to help organisations plan, implement change, use data analysis and expand successful programmes on a wider scale.


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Drop us a line anytime and a member of our team will respond to you as soon as possible.