Not only do we offer Monitoring and Evaluations (M&E) tools that guide Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)
but we also assist in drafting your M&E plan.

How can Monitoring & Evaluation Improve Performance?

Monitoring & Evaluation (M&E) is a process that promotes the performance of your organisation.

The major M&E goals include improving future management outputs, outcomes, and impacts that would be captured in log frames.

To Assess Performance we can help you develop clearly defined indicators.

If you need external support, we can provide independent evaluations that would contribute to the credibility and objectivity of findings.

Monitoring & Evaluation

Was there buy-in? We offer Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) tools to guide Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and we can assist you in drafting your own M&E plan.

We also play a supportive function in planning performance reviews. Furthermore, we can provide training and re-training for managers/supervisors. RePrac consultants’ mentor and coach M&E officers to identify and document achievements against project indicators as set out in performance targets.

Monitoring and evaluation direct informed decision making. The matrix/log frame identifies goals, outcomes, outputs, activities and inputs, indicators which serve as a verification tool.

Monitoring & Evaluation Process

The Monitoring & Evaluation Process is all about improving the performance of your organisation.

Please follow the link to an article we wrote on Monitoring & Evaluation.  The article addresses Monitoring and Evaluation as a way to continuously improve performance.

Please follow the link to read - Monitoring & Evaluation: Continuous Improvement


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