We write your story using your data and help you with changes where needed.


Big data is the new buzzword and our clients find it challenging to interpret their data. Our analysts can provide you with the insights to improve your business.


The workplace has an effect on employee health, in turn, employee health impacts on the workplace. Do you know how how your staff wellness is affected by your organisation?


Why is it important for your organisation to have a good corporate reputation? We can find out how your organisation is perceived by internal and external stakeholders.


What are your questions? We understand the importance of informed decisions and we look at your needs to fully inform strategic choices. Our consultants can help you assess market opportunities, trends and competitor analyses. We use data visualisation techniques to present abstract information through graphs, plots or infographics. 

How could we help you tell your story?

We look at your data and determine what motivate attitudes and behaviour. In other words, why do your clients buy from you and how do they behave before or during the decision making process? Furthermore, we base projections on historic data and provide easy guides on how to grow your business.   

Do you want to know if your service is satisfactory?  For that purpose, we can help you with satisfaction surveys and we make recommendations on how to showcase positive feedback for marketing purposes. 


Wellness Research within organisations

At RePrac, we explore wellness within organisations.  Anna Keyter has several published articles on the topic and she understands the importance of being mindful of employees' mental health. RePrac consultants can study behaviour within organisations and design instruments to study employee experiences.

It is clear that wellness-focussed activities within organisations are very important in order to mitigate mounting work related stress.  If not addressed, workplace stress can lead to psychological problems such as depression, burnout or anxiety.

We analyse, evaluate and interpret findings and address key issues that are identified.  Results are disseminated both orally and in writing. This informs evidence-based briefings and recommendations allowing for action plans.




Corporate Reputation and Social Investment

The objective of Stakeholder Engagement is to determine how organisations are perceived by internal and external stakeholders. Outcomes of these studies inform Corporate Social Investment (CSI) and Socio-Economic Development (SED) strategies.

This is an important process because findings contribute to the effective planning of future social initiatives. The rationale behind this exercise is to access and assess information from stakeholders that would contribute to improved relationships with stakeholders.

Our RePrac consultants generally use various engagement methodologies: Focus groups, online surveys and personal surveys. We also conduct different types of interviews.  We work according to your required scope.




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